003. The Parents

He was wearing a mask – he spotted it somewhere around the fifth time that he had to do this. It was slipped on almost unconsciously. He knew they didn’t notice either, because they were too involved in their own grief, but that somehow made it all the worse. He would sit there and he… Continue reading 003. The Parents

002. The Mother Of The Shooter

Mansard sat down in the uncomfortable plastic bucket seat across from a woman who looked perfectly normal; a woman who looked so damned tired. ‘My other kids are totally fine,’ she said ‘I raised them the same. I just don’t get it.’ He could see she hadn’t stopped crying for very long since they broke… Continue reading 002. The Mother Of The Shooter

001. Triggers

Mansard watched the interview tapes, and it was sad as he had expected. It was easier for this kid to get a gun (sorry, multiple guns) than it was for him to get help. And he’d been asking – the evidence was there. When they pulled his files there were more red flags than he… Continue reading 001. Triggers

000. Another Big Bang

Stood over the body of a dead child. And you know what the worst thing is? It isn’t the only one in the room. A mass shooting – not his first, and destined not to be his last. He is on a task force to look into this and see if he can come up… Continue reading 000. Another Big Bang